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The late breaking abstract submission
  August 1st (Thu), 2019
  September 15 (Sun), 2019
The late breaking abstract will be a Psoster presentation.

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts
Abstract title must be limited to 35 words.
The abstract must be written in English.
The body of the abstract should not exceed 260 words; title, authors and institutions not included. If you put a table or figure, it should be 187 words.
Abstract should only be submitted via online.
If you encounter difficulties with this electronic submission, please contact the Meeting Secretariat by email.
Abstract Categories
1 Molecular and Cellular Biology
2 Cardiovascular Physiology and Disease
3 Renal Physiology and Disease
4 Endocrinology and Metabolism
5 Pulmonary Physiology and Disease
6 Immunity, Inflammation and Rheumatology
7 Neurophysiology and Neurology
8 Cancer Biology and Oncology
9 New Clinical Trials
10 Emerging Targets and Hot Topics
Young Investigator's Award
Participants who fulfill the following conditions can apply Young Investigator!s Award. If you wish to apply, please check "Young Investigator's Award" box in the abstract submission page.
1. The applicant must be under 40 years old as February 1, 2019.
2. The applicant must attend the conference in person and will personally present the original work.
3. The applicant must submit the Young Investigator Award application on or before June 19, 2019.
* Applicattion of the Young Investigator's Award has been closed.
Abstract Submission
For security reason, we recommend you do NOT use plaintext-based web communications for your abstract submission.
Submission No. and Password
After registering your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with your Submission No.
Password will not appear in the e-mail.
If you do not receive any confirmation by e-mail please contact the Meeting Secretariat: et16@gressco.jp
We cannot inform you of your password and ID for security reasons. Please print out the website after your registration.
If you wish to make any corrections to an abstract already submitted or wish to delete your abstract, you should use your Submission No. and password.
If your submitted abstract is accepted we will contact you with details about the time about presentation around the end of Jujy.
If you have any questions regarding the Abstract Submission please contact the Meeting Secretariat.
Submitted abstracts will not be edited or proof-read before printing. The first/presenting authors are responsible for his/her abstract.
The first/presenting author is responsible for getting agreements from co-authors before submission.
The UMIN system is compatible only with the browsers of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari[ver.2.0.3(417.9.2)or later], Firefox, Google Chrome. Please use either one of these browsers.
After the submission period, change of abstract and addition and/or change of authors cannot be made. Please make sure all authors are entered.